SEMWatch series noble baby Analytics installation answer

thank you for your participation, SEMWatch quiz series first article: noble baby Analytics installation question has come to an end, according to the problems, we focus on the answer to questions. Thank guest blue whale given detailed answer.

blue: a link to the original window open and opens a new window and statistics will not affect the GA of the data, the time stamp GA after using the timestamp page minus previous page to calculate the page residence time, according to a visit Session page browsing rate calculated out. So the links are set to open _blank will not affect the accuracy of the data in a new window.

blue: a mobile phone version of m.baidu贵族宝贝 and the sea love love Shanghai image search by default in GA statistics is recorded as referral sources, to the two part of the traffic in Shanghai love search traffic need to add a line of code in GATC: _gaq.push ([‘_addOrganic’,’baidu’,’word’]);

SEMWatch: use the two configuration files, then there will be trouble in data collection (if required), the use of the same.

blue whale: two methods are possible, mainly to see the site of the strategy and statistical needs, whether the behavior or transformation of cross domain such as a web site, or that is independent of the two sub sub site. Cross domain tracking is more favorable for cross domain access behavior and transformation. Alone can better statistics to track the performance of different subdomains. But both in UV, Visits, TOS and other indicators will have some impact. Separate tracking data may be a little larger.

SEMWatch: blue whale gives added search engine code in GA, later for other sites you can take out a similar method. To note here is a little, in m.baidu贵族宝贝 search results, by default to "love Shanghai re encoding and paging, lead to the loss of js. In this case the GA is not effective.

3. is a bilingual website, using the two domain separately: cn.site贵族宝贝 and us.site贵族宝贝; there is no good way to detect two what part? For example is to create two noble baby analytics configuration file, or create a general, then add filter? These two methods have advantages and disadvantages. What thank you?.


2. station all links are set to _blank open in a new window, it will affect the GA of the page residence time, accuracy rate, exit rate data out of


1. mobile phone version of love and love of Shanghai sea m.baidu贵族宝贝 image search in GA statistics in the default search engine as source of traffic statistics, if not, should be how to set up