Case analysis the site is the reason and solving method of the hair

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website has a lot of garbage outside the chain, love Shanghai included the number and chain quality disparity is large, and there are not many related sites outside the chain, and a chain of the platform to do outside the chain of large proportion.

Two, the replacement of the

, delete the original website, all revision

to love to complain

because of his work, engaged in the website operation, so it can write many high-quality tutorials, do not force yourself to write every day, but every article is my article. To keep up with half a month.

I was in October 23rd to love Shanghai complaints, three days time, all came back, very happy. When you do feel content adaptation algorithm changes, good customer experience, stick to it, can do it. Thank you give me the stationmaster net learning platform of communication, this paper comes from: 贵族宝贝zzarea贵族宝贝/articl>

two, all the original website, as a high quality course website


the above three points are some of the mistakes I made, I hope everybody to take seriously its website, personally, do not do stand a high value stand. When your site is plucked, not heart ash and gas cold, to find solutions. I’ve done some steps, personal feeling pretty good.

tutorial site belongs to the information website, personal webmaster can not maintain long-term high quality original article, so with the collection methods, provides a lot of crap, and intermittent.


, a garbage plucking reason too much the chain

four, if you think you are right, we must adhere to.

during the Shanghai love change algorithmThe

website article generation mode of


website by the original pure static page generation into pseudo static, lead to the same article, there are two landing page.


three, Shanghai


‘s website:

Repeatedly update

three, the website for a period of time, and there is no high quality article

recently, webmaster zone is love altitude hair, is not a simple home page is K or drop right, are all lost in love search inside Shanghai. Many of my friends advised me to change the domain name, and try again. To be honest, the website is the children of their own, operating more than three years, a bit of the heart. Then according to the continuous adjustment of the recent love Shanghai algorithm, where some of the core issues analysis site was plucked: