Brush love Shanghai ranked sentence explains what

today, there are media reports of an article entitled "selling cheating software designed to help people brush love Shanghai rank" article, the article tells the story of two buddy love Shanghai using software search results, for their revenue, the impact of the other user’s search experience to love Shanghai, love Shanghai company also caused the direct economic loss, damage to the love of the brand image of Shanghai, produced a bad influence to the search engine market, the Internet ecosystem. The result was on suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system of public prosecution of two buddy, a person sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years and 6 months, a man was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, suspended for 3 years, two of the illegal income shall be confiscated. The two buddy is very unfortunate, maybe they themselves did not realize that this is a kind of illegal behavior. However, we in this matter should not only understand this behavior is illegal, as the Shanghai dragon staff, should see some rules of love Shanghai ranking.


media reports have mentioned the two buddy developed a software search click behavior of simulated users, in fact this software in a few years ago I also used. You probably set the interval time, set up their own domain name, and click the keyword to. The software will automatically simulate users to search keywords in Shanghai love, if you love the Shanghai site is currently ranked in the second page, software can simulate the user search keywords you want to optimize, then down automatically find your website, automatic page, and then find your domain name, click enter, users can simulate the time stay in according to the website and your website is open several pages, add PV to your website.

haven’t studied, always feel software cheating will be punished. However, from the point of view of the news media exposure today. The natural ranking this way really can around the site keywords.

in some large websites, see some ads say what fast ranking. Arrive three days to arrive at the home page keywords. Before, with unremitting attitude towards the advertisement. Always feel this company or team is a lie. If this news is true words, that love Shanghai search ranking system still exist some loopholes. At least that the anti cheating mechanism is far from perfect.


indicates that there are loopholes in the ranking system like Shanghai

click on the brush can about love Shanghai natural ranking

this news from a point of view, he told us this method to intervene in Shanghai’s natural love ranking is illegal. On the other hand, for after this company brings a lot of profit. Sure, sure or would be risking the police uncle to take away, still to do such illegal activities. Not all the exposure, at least we are not believe advertising that fast ranking, well, basically


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