6 28 love from Shanghai K station event site title writing natural feeling

4, make the title of the site into natural keyword or from the user’s perspective, before the title of the website still is 50 words or more, and through natural keywords into the site title, usually only 30 words left.


The word "

3, make the title of the site keywords and I thought of the nature into the own website is a good thing, you thought not, if you do the site keywords too much, so these words will not disturb your energy? The Internet has been saying: key words more and more site traffic, but you can not, you can attract traffic end? Now view is: do fine achievements of keywords, web site quality, so that web traffic is not many, but the traffic is able to improve your income flow, we love to compare Shanghai to promote bidding, why should be creative, but also not because I want to through precise matching to improve the conversion rate, and we in the web site of the title of the choice above can do.

" is what medicine reducing weight in a small heading continuous appeared three times, what is this title is not a pile of words, although the site has not been K, but I think go down for a long time, the title of this site have a certain risk, it should be changed.


1, after several big update to love Shanghai, I understand that love Shanghai now pay more and more attention to the user experience in the Internet, and what is the ultimate goal of the user experience, said direct point is natural. I want to set up websites to take out now before the gap, to change the state of nature, in order to set the title and keywords before will act up, we see such a website title.

2, I used to own when using search engine search data all have a feeling that no matter how the search is no way to query the information they need, want to see every time you open the website are some keywords, but no specific data, I think this is for me to change the site title the idea, because those introduced by the long tail word flow has no effect, but also greatly increase the bounce rate of website, so I want to start from now I do a what kind of website should have what kind of content, only through this way can ensure my site bounce rate improve the conversion rate, do a good foundation for the development of the website.

recently fell in love with sea station K to produce a lot of influence on me, I had yesterday in the two new registered domain name, domain name and title set in the issue I have made a difficult, as the previous method in Shanghai in search of love long tail words as the title of the website or the user to search the nature of as the site title? After a search and consultation, I eventually chose the site title naturally into words, will appear before the kind of intentional behavior correct title keywords, why I choose this way to