Google PR style is still to promote industrial chain network promotion


industry chainThe role of PR

PR led the network to promote the

because most sites are responsible for the highly valued Google PR value, so improve website PR value also gradually become an important basic network knowledge, and around the Google PR value there is a network promotion industry chain.

Google position is still strong

did not like go9go link exchange platform at the time, even the most webmaster forums are not link exchange plate. So at that time to find Links very difficult. Did the work link friends all know, exchange links are easy to start, behind more and more difficult to find suitable. As the founder of go9go do friendship chain.

every time Google PR update affects many small owners and the promotion of human network heart in many webmaster friends about 2012 when Google update "PR (Pagerank), noble baby was finally shot in February 6th, this update from November 8, 2011 last PR update has been 3 months. Google update after PR, some people worry about joy, although in the domestic search engine in love Shanghai’s dominance, but Google PR style to difficult to cover up the importance of Google PR led to the development of network marketing industry chain.

has been the industry recognized, and improve the PR the most basic way is to exchange Links, so small and medium-sized webmaster or network promotion personnel in order to improve their website PR value will be through a variety of ways to find the target site can exchange chain with its own web site. In the beginning of the exchange chain is a very tedious work, the initial exchange of Links mainly has 2 channels, one is crazy and a lot of Links QQ group, and the other is to look at the link partner sites at the bottom of friendship, and then a click past find contact information. And early in the network promotion crowd in the tedious work found the opportunity, the founder of go9go for his colleagues to create a convenient chain exchange platform "go9go".

PR called PageRank (PageRank), level from 1 to 10 levels, 10 level full marks. The higher the PR value that the web page more popular (more important). The PR value represents the quality of the website at the same time, the quantity and quality of the external links also affects the level of PR. The output of the PR value is defined as "to Links the PR value of the site, the formula: (1 – 0.85) + 0.85 * (PR / chain), the size of the PR value indirectly affect the site traffic, so the person in charge of most of the sites are very focused on the pr value of the site, although the quality standard in view a website is not only a way of PR, and the weight and love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot reference, but PR is still the most preferred reference site for viewing the website quality, so Google PR has been the subject of attention.