How to use the long tail keywords to improve the optimization speed of the new station in Shanghai L

as a webmaster, want to make their new sites to attract traffic as soon as possible, as soon as possible to enhance the ranking, Shanghai dragon is essential, but the specific use what method can let Shanghai dragon quickly? Within the chain, usually the increasing use of the original content and the chain of these methods can not achieve the purpose of? Of course, Shanghai dragon the most basic way that some is still very effective, but the chain in the construction site should be considered, it will take time, increase the original content also need time to accumulate, and increase the number of new sites in the short term the chain is being K dangerous, so these methods require a certain amount of time to run. If you want to quickly make Shanghai dragon to reuse, long tail keywords is a good way.

three is suitable to join the long tail keywords in Keywords tags. The number of Keywords tags in the long tail keywords don’t too much, in practice about 2 more appropriate, although the amount is not large, but must pay attention to selecting the best quality of long tail keywords, this.

actually Shanghai dragon from our point of view, the optimized object is the key, the purpose is to let these words continue to improve rankings. Just a single long tail keywords, search volume is not large, can be used to describe the small, but the number of groups, long tail keywords is very large, in practice, if the reuse of long tail keywords, do well in number and scope, can bring to the site of 20-30% flow, and the flow is accurate, bring the target customers more, more can increase the conversion rate. In addition, the optimization of keywords trouble is not small, but not necessarily to improve the ranking, but in the long tail keywords, it can greatly promote the ranking. So, want to let Shanghai dragon fly, should pay attention to from the following aspects to make good use of the long tail keywords.

two is used in a variety of ways to optimize the long tail keywords. The long tail keyword search is less, in many cases is not very stable, so increasing the number and range of long tail keywords ranking to improve traffic and is the key. This needs the webmaster to try to increase your vocabulary. Long tail keywords not only pay attention to the high correlation, but also pay attention to the use of the title, content, description of the product introduction and other related areas, can be added to the long tail keywords, in addition, you can also use the code, the long tail keywords variable font, bold, adding links and other methods, to improve the quantity and its range.

is to choose the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords more unique, better Shanghai Longfeng effect, because it reduced competition. Can use the search, love Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia, know love Shanghai to recommend keywords for reference, to obtain their own long tail keywords, or by modifying the popular keywords, such as adding some derivatives in before and after to get the long tail key words, can also refer to online popular words or reference some long tail keywords do a good website, their modifications later got their own long tail keywords.