Whether the details view web pages using ALT tags and correct wording

map refers to indicate the small website home page with 15 pictures, 0 no "ALT" label. You can view the situation related to their web page through this method.


, by myip.cn detection of web images are labeled "ALT". In a small series of small Hunan push for example. Open the myip.cn after the query type the web address bar, click the query, as shown below.

three through tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/Tools/PageCode.aspx, enter the web page address, select "click query code coloring after all" < img> "code to see if there is a ALT in the label and if it is written correctly. Figure:

Through the love of Shanghai statistical background query two,

Hello, I am Hunan push kiness. The ALT tag is familiar with most of the webmaster, but many novice owners often see "ALT" this word, most do not know what it means, especially just contact Shanghai dragon and do not understand HTML code for the novice webmaster do not even know what is the use of. Here, Xiao Bian will explain in detail the "ALT" tab, check the role of web images how to check whether there is a "ALT" label method and the search engine’s writing method, hope to help have doubts on this aspect of the novice webmaster. First, Xiaobian introduce what is under the label "ALT". ALT: mainly on "the picture description is similar to that of a comment function. If you do not use "ALT" instead of attributes, search engines can not understand the expression picture in the content of the page, and the meaning of the use of the picture; when the network bandwidth is low or causes the page image cannot be displayed at the "ALT" label can tell the user the picture expression about the contents of general meaning, pictures etc. thus, beneficial to the user experience. See methods such as place the mouse cursor on the picture, will display the prompt, that is the content of "ALT" label content. What is the "ALT" label, Xiao Bian will introduce four methods of image detection "is used" ALT "label.


four, by viewing the page source code, check whether all the correct use of ALT tags. The method is as follows: "and then right click, click" >


The arrow

. Using this method the website must use love Shanghai statistical tools, and ensure the day before the test of the page access to more than 32 can be detected. The method is as follows, through the tongji.baidu贵族宝贝 login, click on the left side of the tools used in the "Shanghai dragon", in addition to a small station as an example, the drawings are as follows.