magine love Shanghai second pages of relevant keywords

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I like to say, as a user, search for certain keywords, search after the top ten websites I have a point, but a look is not the content of their needs, and then it will not exceed 1 minutes off, and then find second pages, second pages of the point, did not find, then, when the pages to find ten pages, the search engine will be closed on the site around inside. Then it will love Shanghai according to some algorithm on some website weight increase, because users get what they need.

not shoot two hawks with one arrow?


Since The idea of two The idea of three

love Shanghai in a move that could prove now pay more attention to the user search experience, when the user cannot find the required content on the first page will be according to their statistics to update the rankings, this can avoid some cheating with a black cap technique on the site has been ranked on the website, some of the very front rank, but it is the website optimization Shanghai dragon pure, no quality, in addition to keyword stuffing is the use of garbage even make the ranking. Love Shanghai update of this function has a very ambitious plan is to straighten out the top ten website ranking, according to a periodic data to determine the site users and content relevance.

told the Shanghai dragon who, if you want to have sex in Shanghai top ten, first do the content, do not have a black hat, do not use keyword stuffing junk outside even to do up the rankings website. Now many sites especially enterprises do is one of the key words are good practices, although now on your website, can improve the rankings, but not long-term plan. When you search for a keyword, the user clicks on the top ten web sites as long as you don’t shut love Shanghai search engine, the server is also love Shanghai monitoring, can detect the customer how long to stay in this site, when you search for a keyword that is what you need to enter the website content, most people are close to love Shanghai search engine, is also likely to love Shanghai will get the comprehensive index according to the user time and keyword search, after the analysis of the engineers love Shanghai ranked website to make further adjustments. This effectively prevents the garbage station ranking function, but also pay attention to the user experience

we all know, the user search habits are input keywords, then just look at the top ten of the web page, if the first page did not find the user needs something, turn to the second page there is a keyword link, this approach is right, can let the user try click on the long tail keywords will save time for customers. The first page is not found, second pages appear directly to your relevant keywords you choose, this is to intercept the user not to turn too much more junk page click on station.

love Shanghai love Shanghai at the top of page second upgrade, the emergence of small function related keywords.