How to do the ordinary enterprise web site optimization

The second step:

?The first step: choose the keywords

(1): https://adwords. keywords tool aristocratic nobility baby baby贵族宝贝/select/KeywordToolExternal.

3, the reasonable layout of the

As Have internal links between web page and web site within the

2, a reasonable link station

many customers are creating their own enterprise website does not take into account the importance of a website in the network competition of the same industry, thus leading to many enterprise website finished became a vase, businesses to producers complain that the site has no effect, but the producers will escape from their own mistakes, think that this site is according to the enterprise own ideas.


must choose a professional web designer, not only focus on the well-known Internet companies, enterprises must understand that the site was designed by the people. Good web designers on the site before making clear tell you the website structure and directory deployment, help your enterprise website after maintenance and revision. The most important sites in the framework is two points:

have been in contact with website optimization two of my opinion, the root cause of this thing is not the customer’s problem, but in our website makers failed to persuade the customer to do a real value to customers of the website. This value is largely on the website on the web ranking above is reflected.

1, quality strategy

(2) love Shanghai index: 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝.

choosing the right keywords is the site of Shanghai dragon, the foundation of SEM, key words must be put enough effort on the most suitable site.

keywordEach page >

site optimization for enterprise website ranking on the Internet before, enterprises play the role of the site has a very big help, so as our small and medium-sized enterprise website how to optimize the site

site structure reasonable

, so that visitors can easily access any page in the site, of course, we have to do is not only convenient for visitors, it is more important to search engine spiders provide index.

static website is essential, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprise website, now the technology can achieve the static station. The directory structure of the site to not more than 3 layers, too many columns or classification depth can be deepened.

must first select all enterprise related keywords, and then through the love of Shanghai index or noble baby keyword analysis tool for keywords heat of query analysis, finally obtains the highest ranked keywords, and then integrated the enterprise own situation, enterprises need to focus on finalizing the keywords optimization.