Love is due to improper anatomical optimization Shanghai right down five factors

, can not carry out keyword accumulation: many websites think their keywords accumulated it can get quite good weight, add a lot of keywords in the title and keywords properties are also very sensitive, hate this way the search engine is the optimization method, but also very outdated, so the key words do not can be piled up

four, often change the site structure and classification template: most of this is the trip of the webmaster "bad habits", feel the site is not nice, the website structure is not reasonable, so this move, there to repair, even the face of every search engine every two or three days, let you feel the site is not stable, logical will less to your site search crawl, the general template must change for more than 2 months or more


five, the chain and the chain of cheating suspicious: in fact, the chain is the more the better, of course can not happen overnight, the.

want to make their sites can have a good ranking or pay attention to some optimization methods, beware of yourself into the optimization of misunderstanding! Nothing below shallow chat site optimization caused by improper reason announced love Shanghai right down.

three, frequently change TITLE, keywords and Description: to know the success of a website is a deposit need time, no one can be a hoe to dig a piece of gold, a lot of people in this site is Heaven tomorrow make money attitude to do the optimization, want to do effective, but anywhere in the world such a comfortable thing? If in accordance with the law of conservation of energy if you want to make one thing must have lost, such as your website construction success, there might be less time for family and friends and so on, so the site will not able to calm restless, words can not change!

two, in the key words, the title and description can not have too much content: your keywords just beauty, beauty products, beauty of this kind, often it will bring fierce competition, the website is not easy to get considerable ranking, so the most fortunately behind these two words the beauty of the added beauty products list, Taobao beauty products list and so on, this is your professional website, is a very authoritative statistics website, and the corresponding competition will be smaller, so the keyword optimization is also very important!

in the process of optimization in Shanghai love a lot of people are respected in some tutorials on the web, some tutorials are outdated, or write these tutorials of themselves did not understand how to love Shanghai and optimization, on their way to optimize the site you will often get wrong, resulting in their own website love Shanghai right down, some people still complain about their own website how suddenly dropped, and even to love Shanghai very desperate, think they have no money to love Shanghai bidding, love Shanghai to put you right down the website, this is actually a misunderstanding of love Shanghai.