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two, Links website construction

as early as last year, love Shanghai have repeatedly explained the importance of the original article for the website, and clearly pointed out that will improve the high quality content for the website ranking effect. But according to the observation of the author in recent months, love Shanghai for weight value of the original site did not improve, the main factors affecting the rankings now or the chain, this is not the result but after Weakness lends wings to rumours., after several months of observation on dozens of websites.

upgrade recently love Shanghai algorithm, web site optimization seems to get more and more difficult, many owners do not know now how to optimize the site. Especially after the introduction of some common Scindapsus algorithm, the chain approach is love Shanghai block, this caused many owners more at a loss, resulting in more and more obviously the effect of site optimization, optimization of new and effective time had not found. Once I love the stars also consulted many peer Shanghai dragon Er, they are now asking how to carry out the construction site outside the chain, the answer is basically similar, is nothing more than some peers on the platform to release some of the chain, but the efficiency of the hair of the chain than before in the webmaster platform to do the chain speed is slow, but also do not have to be included in the one hundred percent, so we should how to optimize the site? I will use some of their own experience to introduce, say the wrong place also please excuse.

for the construction site outside the chain I have already said, so the role of a chain that is more and more small, but compared to the chain and content are very important. After all, Links as a method to improve the site outside the chain, if more and more friends of the chain of small, so there is no need to love Shanghai vigorously against Links trading behavior, at least from this point of view, Links for the website ranking effect is very big, but there may be some website friendship the link quality is not high, the relative weights are relatively low, so the impact on the ranking comparison >

, a website content construction

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weights do not improve, the author may have two reasons: the first is probably love Shanghai for the original identification technology is not mature, so temporary not to increase the weight value of the web site to. On the other hand may be the original information need a requirement, for example, when the number of sites to your original information is to improve the weight. This is basically a day of original articles for website updates, just thought it was too short for the sake of the original content, then put the original content updated daily to more than 1000 words, and for a long time, but others rely on reproduced website ranking is up, my website even a bit all No. Through a series of original content for the research, the author draws two points above, the original amount of the above may not meet the requirements, so that love did not increase the weight of the site related to Shanghai.