ncrease site traffic love Shanghai know new ways of drainage



this method is mainly to improve work efficiency, suitable for those large enterprises website, these enterprises usually need to do a lot of love to ask Shanghai to know drainage and increase user confidence, operation method is the same with the question and answer way. The difference is we need to use the search function to search QQ love Shanghai know mutual love Shanghai know such words, these groups in the promotion personnel will help each other, so as to enhance the efficiency of.

1, registered two different ID know love Shanghai account, can be registered with a different e-mail or mobile phone number;

2, an account of which questions, another account answer the question and answer all you want to include the keyword search to the user;

2, ask to appear many times keywords you need to optimize, do more conducive to keyword ranking;

3, the two accounts do not operate in the same network environment, otherwise the problem can easily be removed, the use of a 4G mobile phone network, a computer using WiFi


to complete the mutual love of Shanghai know QQ group promotion drainage

how to use love to know to do the promotion Shanghai drainage? Many people have used to love Shanghai know, love Shanghai that this is user participation and interaction of the strongest quiz community, love Shanghai know itself belongs to the Shanghai love their own products, users a high degree of trust. If we can make good use of Shanghai drainage to know love website promotion, as can be imagined will bring much traffic and conversion for the web site. The Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng for everyone to talk about the love of Shanghai know do promotion drainage method.

know note sex promotion drainage1, pay attention to enhance the love of Shanghai

5, ask to fully address the needs of users, do not copy and paste the contents of the other, must be handwritten. This can effectively guide the users to search, can guarantee the maximum problem will not be deleted, shielding (please refer to below);

4, to ensure the adoption time between 20-60 minutes, take too easy to be deleted;

Two, the use of

, a way to ask ourselves from a complete love Shanghai know drainage

6, it is best not to try to keep the link, link is very likely to give through the word, as long as the brand can, through this rate is relatively high, if you must leave the link can be used after questioning in the way the answer, but there is no guarantee that the problem will not be deleted;

know account level, the higher the level of probability of being deleted love Shanghai more small, enhance the know account level to complete daily tasks can know the love of Shanghai;


three, Shanghai

this method is the most easy to operate, and the feasibility is also relatively strong. Look at the following by Hai Yao specific steps and matters needing attention: