Outside the station operation we need to make a commitment to the search engine

we often say to search engine to give your site good ranking the first search engine need to trust our website, so we need to make some commitment to the search engine, this is just a metaphor, which is our station operating in the need to pay attention to the problem.

The Second.


chain is not released. The first commitment spam links

some water for a little wooden knife himself outside the station operation summary, given the search engine a promise, search engine will give you a surprise, the surprise is what.

promises not only post the chain and no substance The The quality of

station is in the operation we do a very important link in the Shanghai dragon, is also the site accumulated weight necessary for the site of the station operation we need to pay attention to what the problem?

link to website weight is very large, a lot of junk chain not only to our site to bring the weight, but will play a negative effect, the "chain" of high quality, the words that we often mention the word, so we do in the outside the chain must first analyze each index chain website is not consistent with the requirements of the high quality chain.

we send in the chain will often be lazy, just find an article, or what is not only a link there, what do harm? First of all this article by the administrator will see immediately deleted, thus causing the loss of the link, then search engine will filter of no value to the content after grasping the content, often this chain has only been abandoned by the search engine.


fourth. Our commitment to the content of original

original content has been search engine love, often original content can bring us more weight, so when we send the chain why also want to use original high content, of course, is more conducive to search engines, if we send a chain with a others already reprinted 100 times article, you think the search engine will be included in the chain of you? Of course, we do not need to complete the appropriate original, pseudo original can also play a very good effect.

This is the

how to understand this sentence? For example if our website is the jewelry industry, when you send the chain to all devices in the forum to send the chain, this is certainly not a help to our website, like the sports teacher in mathematics that we often say the words as you do is laugh. The jewelry industry, do you think you are a jewelry expert said you great help to you, or let a mechanical accessories experts say you very good, everyone can understand this.

third. Promise not to release the correlation is not strong links