The website to win at the starting line Friends of the chain how to maximize utility

wrote the first article of the cat said after the search engine to Baidu as standard, so to see where the best time Baidu included in more than 100, of course included more better.

a few columns have talked about the website later, that is to say, buddy’s website has been done, then we will start the promotion website. On the Internet, if you want to allow more users to see you, concern you, find you in Baidu where, so the most effective way is to join the site outside the chain to publicity, let more platform know web presence. Good website if you do not go to the publicity, so no one knows. So if your buddies to advertise

is the standard Google PR value although the website, but also an important reference standard exchange chain in many domestic situations. Also mention that when exchange chain requirements are included, weight measurements, snapshot.

Baidu adjustment algorithm, correlation degree of the website chain occupy a large share in the Shanghai dragon, directly affect the site in Baidu where included and ranking. The new algorithm defines the relevant website will have a plus in rank, so the cat would recommend remember chain exchange and choose their own website industry related change in the chain of friends.

chain can be divided into picture type >

yesterday was delayed, so no update column win at the starting line, for everyone to say sorry. The website to win at the starting line column by many enthusiastic friends to support, so that the cat will have greater power to continue to write down this column. Well, don’t talk, the cat daily vernacular, go up

After the One of the most important data on !The optimization work in front of the When



five: chain form


: a website related to the degree of

four: a collection of

measurements is one of the kittens when it comes to the snapshot Baidu to determine the site, is also one of the criteria of website update frequency. When choosing a chain that snapshot within three days, followed by a week, too far apart then it is not necessary to change.

buddy website is on the chain, is to give the other site leave your site links, and then let people search their website or how to help themselves, site traffic growth. There is a way to optimize the key words, the cat in front of the article wrote, do not know can go to see buddy. Finally, a way is the most important, it is ignored by most buddy Links.

three: snapshot update speed of

website?When most of the

believes the buddies added Links should be more skilled than the kitten, kitten here just said some matters needing attention in our exchange Links time: