Let keyword three necessary skills ranked the home page

, the station optimization

1, the website structure optimization: rational planning site architecture, flat structure, auxiliary navigation settings (breadcrumb navigation, navigation), content pages interspersed with long tail keywords connection anchor text set.

two, the construction of the chain

1, Links: looking for high quality website, do Links, to enhance the site’s weight; link demands: looking for high quality links, can refer to the following standards, such as: included, site updates, there is no penalty, such as the quality of content, site layout, and PR etc.. At the same time, should be associated with other peer sites or industry websites Link Exchange is the best


3, the chain optimization: reasonable arrangement in the chain, the chain structure, chain chain annotation, path optimization.

6 station, the details of the optimization: static URL and embedded, preferred domain, Robots.txt, website keyword density control between 2%-8%, 404 page, 301 redirect page add anchor text and first appeared in the pages of words in bold, long tail keywords record, site map sitemap.

is currently Shanghai dragon is a fiery be in full swing, the recent rain to catch up with the industry leader in Shanghai Longfeng website website, each big website is discussed, this site has broken the conventional optimization methods, it is the industry jittery, and holding for the novice Shanghai dragon circles "myth". Unfortunately, the site less than four days will be plucked away, when we study this website Jingxiaxinlai carefully, found that the site full of the black hat means is good Shanghai Longfeng Zhou Wen think that if you want to make good long-term operation site, keyword ranking stable, please carefully search carefully do the station, by means of deceit to do optimization so as to sustainable development, do not, do not blindly worship that novice, novice must be played a solid technical foundation, we return to normal optimization method to the operation, the following is a summary of us let keyword ranking three skills necessary in home page:

2, the optimization of station keywords layout, page TITIEL Keywords tag, description tag, optimization, image annotation FLASH annotation etc..

, the 4 page layout optimization: the main content of the page layout, adjustment, layout optimization, make the page more in line with the search preferences, make the content easier to read.


5, content optimization: increase the website, the original or false original article continues, rich web content, improve the site included quantity of search engine and good user experience.

news platform links: mainly for the soft, write some high quality soft Wen issued to each big website, join the site in the content inside the text link. If accepted, there will be numerous websites, so you can get a lot of.