Google added 19 languages to push 1 search into the social development trend

Google search engine is the most popular in the world, but in the face of the powerful combination of social network and Microsoft’s Facebook, Google found its social search at a considerable disadvantage. This is because Microsoft and Facebook cooperation, according to reports, Microsoft owns part of Facebook and >

Google and Social before Search is very similar, noble baby will be through your friends so many noble baby account signal to identify the most useful recommendation, the future they will also consider the chain relationship similar to other social networks. If you don’t know what you have and who established the link, you can enter the Dashboard view Social Circle and noble baby Content part.

said Thursday that it plans to provide social networking users outside the U.S. search function in 19 languages in the next few weeks. Google has been aware of, social search is the development trend of the future, it is the most powerful opponent than other search engines, but social media.

Google Your friends are below the social search

+1 Google social search first released in the United States, but according to Google’s official blog said that this feature will support 19 other languages, Google +1 button and data for global users will now be released. Google +1 can let Google search users recommend search results, feedback information sharing with other users. In a sense, Google +1 button is very similar to the social networking site Facebook of the "Like" button.

led Alliance

short, +1 is closely related with your search, you can close your relationship and from the people there with the help of this tool, at the right time to find what you want in the correct format.

+1 operation will appear like other social network information in the search results, such as you are searching for a recipe, you will see the culinary genius neighbor +1 project. In addition you search the local coffee shop, even if your friends have not been recommended, +1 suggested that noble baby will be given and other users to you in one area.

Google +1

Google Corporation announced on 19 in the next few weeks will be launched in 19 languages and social search service. Analysts believe that Google’s move is intended to fully tap the global popular social media value and its influence on the incremental search. Coincidentally, in the earlier, media reports said the efforts to integrate the Bing search engine and Microsoft’s Facebook is increasing.

Microsoft Facebook Google +1

+1 hidden in the noble baby search results page, the user can see the +1 button behind Google search results and advertising, click on this item you said are recommended.


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