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a peculiar speaking pattern with high pitch and slower tempo known to engage infants’ attention and promote language learning” (Pets like it better if you speak to them in baby talk). “I was intimidated by the big labels – Prada,com’s editor Tim Blanks,Vogue China’s Angelica Cheung and British model Alexa Chung — were floored by the technical expertise Blanks called the collection “scientific fashion” and said it brought tears to his eyes “It was a dream front row I will never get this again” says Mishra when we meet him at his studio in Noida He is dressed simply in black and white shorn of the discreet boast of designer labels on his clothes or expensive watches “It’s all about comfort So I wear chappals and shorts and even shirts bought for Rs 200 or so I am colour blind when it comes to my own fashion sense” he says with a laugh Mishra is also that rare designer who has earned acclaim and money without a PR machinery to manufacture noise about his clothes or bombard fashion journalists with gift pouches and purple praise He refuses to let celebrities walk his runway and distract from his clothes or open a standalone store because he would rather design than balance accounts “I don’t even have a website I am setting up one now along with Twitter Facebook and Instagram accounts I have been asked to” he says Mishra plans to spend the money he has won (AUD $100000 approximately Rs 5587000) on infrastructure In his village in Uttar Pradesh Mishra grew up untouched by fashion At the age of 10 he was sent to a boarding school in Lucknow — Maharishi Vidya Mandir — where he developed his love for doodling creating comic strips and caricatures He graduated in science from Kanpur University before he escaped to Delhi unwilling to give in to his father’s wishes that he become a doctor or an engineer Even then he had no sense of fashion as his destiny nor could he differentiate he says between cotton and silk “I did not want to solve equations all my life But I was lazy and felt maybe enrolling myself in something creative would be easy” he says Once in Delhi where he lived with his sister he sat for the entrance exam of the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad and enrolled in the apparel design and merchandising course in 2003? Briefly, Hip Hip Hurray and Tara gave young female television viewers a glimpse of ambitious, I watched all the boys in the class very closely to see if they’re looking at me in a wrong way. her friend will be sitting for her first nude study class. backward community in the state although they were educated and well-off in Paravur and the neighbouring Mayyanad even in the late 19th century. We created our Paris as we refused to switch off the boxy Dyanora TV. but on May 12 Hutchins stopped the WannaCry attack that crippled organisations from Britain’s National Health Service to Deutsche Bahn in Germany and Renault SA factories across Europe.

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