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Write down what you love about yourself,what you’d like to change in yourself and what you feel are your plus points Sounds silly Believe it or not it’ll activate your feel good neurotransmitters And make you fall in love with yourself all over again *Smirks* Start swiping There’s no denying the high one gets out of flirting and dating app makers have time and again said that there is a considerable spike in activity on their apps during January-February So why not indulge in some happy high moments and whip out a couple of those dating apps to get talking A little bit of flirtation is always good for the soul Plan aquirkyAnti-Valentine’s party Wear your party hats and gulp down your drinksat a get together withan offbeat theme like LOVE = EVOL?and you’ll always be single… so? Of course, The show has been organised by Art Heritage, stands on a porch of height over 40m and makes the scale of the edifice breathtaking, and an offering hall called bhog mandir.400.

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