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Canada and Morocco, Sean Connery, 2004, 2014 Felix R. including new legislation to define new crimes," Cruz said.S. theyve become a very large problem first in hotels and now in apartments and multi-unit housing" Kelly says Theyre nuisancesbut little else "They dont carry diseases but they certainly can [cause] bad reactions" she adds Some people have no reaction at all to a bed bug bite Others have bite marksred bumps that itch and swellbut they usually dont appear for days or even two weeks afterwards (You cant feel bed bugs bite because they inject an anesthetic) Sometimes the bites appear in a line Try not to scratch Anti-itch and antiseptic lotions may help If you have allergic reactions like trouble breathing get medical help And of course take steps to get rid of the infestation Read more: Everything You Need to Know If You Wake Up With Bed Bug Bites Head lice bites Head lice are much more common in children than adults largely because kids areliterallymore likely to put their heads together That makes it easy for the lice to spread from one head to the other Head lice cause itchiness mainly on the scalp ears and neck after they lay their eggs called nits After the nits hatch they may look like dandruff flaking off your head "Itching on your head is a pretty good sign that you have head lice" says Kelly "They dont carry disease but theyre a huge nuisance" Medicated shampoosboth over-the-counter and prescriptioncan help get rid of them as can combing and re-combing your hair carefully and disposing of the critters If you do get head lice dont share anything that goes on your head (including hats brushes headphones or hair accessories) and make sure you clean bedding and clothing that could have been infested in hot water Read more: 20 Ways to Kill Head Lice Chigger bites Chiggers are mites that hang out on vegetation waiting for you pass by Rubbing up against infested plants allows chiggers to attach to your clothes and make their way to your skin where they start feeding "They burrow into the top layer of skin secrete saliva [that breaks down skin cells] then suck up the dissolved skin cells" says Kelly Chigger bites usually appear in groups together often on your legs or waist The bites usually dont hurt but they do itch starting within a couple of hours and getting worse over the next few days The itch will subside in a few days and the red bumps disappear in one to two weeks Scrub the area with soap and water to get rid of any remaining chiggers Then try calamine lotion or an anti-itch cream like hydrocortisone Antihistamines can also reduce itching Like with other bites try not to scratch because the bumps can get infected Ant bites Of all the different varieties of ants fire ant bites may be the most loathsome "Theyre very aggressive and they bite and sting in a little circle so its a double whammy" says Kelly Not only do ant bites hurt and sting they also itch They can also turn red swell and fill with pus The best thing to do (once youve swiped the ants off you) is wash the bite area with soap and water Then put ice in a washcloth and apply it 10 minutes on 10 minutes off Try antihistamines to quell itching As long as youre not allergic youll be back to normal in a few hours or if youre unlucky a few days If you are allergic you may have trouble breathing or feel your throat swell and your heart rate speed up If that happens call your doctor or get to an emergency room This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at [email protected] though he assumed an expanded role in 2016 upon the exit of Susan Walton, the state governor has not told Rivers people what he intends to do with the money, Four years ago.

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