BENS BLOG Extreme ignorance towards a Down Syndrome sufferer

first_img[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]esterday, when I was going out for a run, I was met by an incident that reminded me of the deep ignorance, on so many levels, of the human species.On the other side of the road, there was an adult male, who had Down Syndrome, walking along the street. This, in itself, obviously a brave act, for him to do on his own. Anyway, as he was walking, he was shouting out, possibly a reaction he has, or whatever.On my side of the round, all of a sudden, two expert comedians appeared. They were orange-jacket wearing manual labourers, supposedly being paid to paint the block opposite where I live. They found it amusing to pop their heads up and make grunting sounds, attracting the man’s attention, and when he looked around then hiding. I could see that this really was distressing him. I add; the comedians were both over 40 years of age.In a country, that is now requiring a military presence on the streets, our courts do not have time to deal with these low-lifes. But I’m sure our policemen do. Such characters should be brought straight back to the station, invited into a cell at the back, and then introduced to some metal-batons and tear-gas, in order to find out how cocky and humorous they still are. Once peeled off the floor; THEY WOULDN’T BE DOING IT AGAIN!In other news:Bravas Tapas, St Katherine Docks, E1W 1AT. WEB SITE St K Docks is one of my favourite places, to just go and have a mooch about. I particularly love looking at the luxury converted barges (I might just escape on one, one of these days!!). And Bravas Tapas is an EXCEPTIONAL addition to the surroundings. Keen service. Everything on the menu tasty. Dishes from just £4. Crispy Piquillo Prawns (NAP). Brava Potatoes (NB). STEERING JOB. 9Over and out, B xlast_img