11 Harry Potter Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

first_imgStay on target Catholic School Bans ‘Harry Potter’ Books Because SpellsToy Tuesday: The Best Animal Toys If there’s one buzzword that describes media in the 21st century, it’s “cinematic universe.” What was once a linear progression from sequel to sequel has exploded into loosely-connected waves of films set in the same fictional worlds. Marvel obviously led the charge with this one, but Star Wars is plumbing the same well, as are DC Comics, the Universal monsters and more.We can add Harry Potter to that list with the second Fantastic Beasts film (in theaters November 16). They’re calling it the “Wizarding World” franchise, and if they keep making money (and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t), they’ll make more of them. So we pulled out the books and came up with 11 supporting Harry Potter characters who could pull a Solo and anchor their own movies.Xenophilius LovegoodOh yeah, we’re going to be going really deep with some of these. Strap in. Luna Lovegood’s father Xenophilius (just call him Xeno or we’ll be here all day) was an eccentric hippie wizard who, when we meet him in the main series, edited The Quibbler newspaper. But here’s what we want to do with him: a flashback movie, set in the late 1960s, featuring his young adult years after graduating Hogwarts. Tackling the psychedelic Summer of Love through a wizardly lens is just the kind of ridiculous high-concept thing I love, and it’d be an interesting change of perspective.Remus LupinOne of the absolute best Defense Against The Dark Arts teachers (which isn’t saying much, considering), Remus Lupin the werewolf wizard is just crying out for a prequel movie. Rowling’s written a bunch of his origin — the child of a wizard and a Muggle, attacked by a lycanthrope in his bed as a child — but a young Remus growing up wrestling with his curse would be solid drama. We’d set it before he came to Hogwarts as a student, while his parents struggled to keep him safe during his monthly transformations while also keeping the secret from those around them. It’d be a cool horror-tinged take on the Potter mythos.DobbyNobody ever said that these movies have to be about human characters. The freeing and redemption of Dobby the house elf in Chamber of Secrets is one of the best moments in that film, with Harry finally getting one over on Snape with the aid of a dirty sock. After his freedom, he was unemployed for a while before coming to work at Hogwarts (and eventually dying, sorry for the spoilers), so that seems to me to be the sweet spot for a solo Dobby movie. Think of it like a Potter-themed Shrek-style thing, with Dobby and a few new magical friends getting caught up in some sort of comedic quest. It practically writes itself.Dudley DursleyThe Muggle antagonist to Harry for most of the original series, Dudley Dursley is just crying out for a movie that depicts the Wizarding World from his point of view. Sure, doing a normie-centric film seems like a stretch, but the bullying son of Harry’s adoptive family undergoes some significant character growth over the series. Think about a film featuring an adult Dudley coming to terms with the bizarre events of his childhood — there’s plenty of room for antiheroes in this kind of universe (think Venom if you don’t believe me) and the concept of a totally powerless person trying to contend with magic is pretty compelling.Nymphadora TonksThe Auror Tonks is one of the characters in the Harry Potter series who just doesn’t get enough page time. Able to change her appearance at will – the only adult wizard in the whole franchise who can — she uses her skills to spy on the Ministry of Magic for the Order. We know very little about her upbringing or past, which opens up all sorts of possibilities. The story of a young woman who can change the way she looks has tons of resonance in the modern appearance-obsessed world, and the franchise has always had a knack for writing compelling female characters.The Weird SistersThe wizarding world has plenty of counterparts to the Muggle one — there are mystical shopkeepers, bankers, lawyers and the like, so why not a wizard rock band? The Weird Sisters were the group Dumbledore hired to play the Hogwarts Yule Ball and despite their name are all dudes who jam out on a variety of ancient and modern instruments. In Goblet of Fire they were portrayed by a pretty insane supergroup of real-world rock stars including members of Pulp and Radiohead. While we doubt that kind of casting will happen again, the idea of a touring band of wizards is just ridiculous enough to make us want to see more.Gilderoy LockhartOne of the many deeply crappy Defense Against The Dark Arts teachers Harry had during his tenure at Hogwarts, Gilderoy Lockhart was a legendary wizard who accomplished many magical feats — or at least he said he did. In fact, the half-muggle wizard was an expert in goofing with people’s memories, and used that skill to build a legend. Imagine an action comedy in the vein of Fletch, where a young Gilderoy has to use his BSing skills and meager magic to survive his schemes falling apart and come out on top? It’d be a great way to redeem his character and an insanely fun role for whatever actor lands it.The Bloody BaronThe ghosts of Hogwarts are some of the most interesting minor characters in the series, each of them with their own tragic tale. You could do a whole spin-off series covering one of them in each, and there’s no better place to start than with the Bloody Baron. Back in the 11th century when the school was founded, he was sorted into Slytherin and fell in love with Helena Ravenclaw. When she didn’t return his affections, he murdered her and then killed himself. Strong stuff for a young adult franchise, true, but setting a movie that far back would be a bold step for the Wizarding World.Kingsley ShackleboltAnother of the Aurors in the Order of the Phoenix, Kingsley Shacklebolt is a supporting character in the series that we’ve always wanted to know more about. His limited appearances in the movies established him as a serious talent who also manages to earn the trust of the muggle community. After the end of the series he becomes the Minister of Magic, but this is another case in which a prequel film would be more interesting. Shacklebolt is considered one of the most accomplished sorcerous duelists in the world, and imagine a fight-centered Wizarding film, with lots of sweet choreography and FX battles.Mundungus FletcherFlawed heroes always make for better movies, and one minor Harry Potter character who might be able to carry his own is Order of the Phoenix member Mundungus Fletcher, a dealer in stolen magical artifacts. Fletcher is notorious in the series for shirking his duties to watch over Harry when the Dementors attacked him at the Dursleys. He’s obviously not the most responsible or dependable guy, but Dumbledore was adamant that he had a place in the Order for his abilities. A story about Fletcher hunting down some magical widget to sell could combine the heist movie archetype with Rowling’s magical universe and produce something quite fun.Rubeus HagridHagrid is one of the larger supporting characters in the series, both literally and figuratively, but I feel that there are still stories to be told about the half-giant gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher. There are all sorts of possibilities for a Hagrid solo flick, either a prequel following him as he gets expelled from Hogwarts and comes into his new life as a gamekeeper or something after the book series. Hagrid is in many ways one of the movies’ strongest audience identification characters, and we’re all about Robbie Coltrane getting a few more paydays, so greenlight this puppy.More on Geek.com:The Most Magical Harry Potter ToysHarry Potter Ultimate Trivial Pursuit is #GameNightGoalsLearning to Code Just a Swish & Flick Away With Harry Potter-Themed Kitlast_img