Remote Town Gets Fiber Internet With a Little Help from a Drone

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Bringing blazing fast Internet access to residents of remote rural communities isn’t high on the priority list of most ISPs. That may change, now that drones can be used to speed deployment.Over in Wales, BT subsidiary Openreach just finished cabling up the small village of Pontfadog. Now each resident — in all 20 of its houses — can download to their heart’s content at blistering speeds as fast as 1Gbps… and they have a drone to thank for it.The small quadrotor played a key role in the installation. It didn’t have enough raw power to pull the heavy fiber optic cable, mind you. Instead, the drone stretched a 100-meter pull line from two high points in the neighboring forest.Once the line had been run, workers hooked the fiber on and carefully pulled it across the span. Today, bandwidth-related annoyances like buffering are a thing of the past. Videos streams no longer degrade into pixelated sludge in Pontfadog.Chris Devismes, a retired teacher, told the BBC that the the new service “has made a world of difference.” Understandable, given that he shares his home with two teenagers with an exuberance for digital activities like binging on Netflix and lengthy Skype sessions.Lawmakers in the U.K. are currently working on legislation that will guarantee high-speed Internet access to all residents by 2020. Openreach has already expressed its interest, but reportedly doesn’t want to commit to the government’s current terms.Parliament is expected to make a decision by the end of the year. Openreach may want to order a few pallets of drones just in case they’re required to drastically shorten the timetable for rolling out more high-bandwidth connections. There’s plenty more terrain like what they dealt with in Pontfadog standing between Brits and their fiber.last_img