Save America by Punching Nazis With Your Phone

first_img Normally I would’ve saved this for a Game of the Year post, but we just chose a game of the year for this week, and this game is too important to wait until next week. Besides, the greatness of this game transcends a mere joke award. Punch-A-Nazi!! is the game we all need to play to make sure America stays a good egg in the world. Fortunately, all you need to play it is a mobile phone and a Web browser.As the title hints, Punch-A-Nazi!! is a Web game parody of the classic NES boxing game Punch-Out!! But instead of punching a collection of harmless ethnic stereotypes, you get to punch a trio of actually harmful (not furred) Third Reich racists.Your first foe is Richard Spencer, modern Nazi and a man famous for getting punched in the face in real life on camera while explaining a cartoon frog meme co-opted by white supremacists. Next up is Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative troll who used gamers’ fear of women to trick them into thinking he cared at all about the medium. The big Nazi bad, appropriately enough, is Adolf Hitler. If you need someone to tell you why he’s bad, then you’re already a lost cause.Pressing a button to knock out these dopes would’ve been satisfying enough, but Punch-A-Nazi!! uses the miracle of modern motion-control technology to make Nazi-punching as realistic as legally possible. Visit the site on both a Web browser and your mobile phone. Sync the two using a room code à la the Jackbox Party Pack. Now you can channel your inner (pre-Nazi) Captain America by punching your phone at the screen to turn fascists into bloodier and bloodier pulps. You have to time your punch, too, so there’s actually some skill involved in virtually performing this patriotic duty.If you’re hungry for more digital alt-right-beating action, check out Pepe Punch-Out!! That game at least lets you first use your words against monsters before inevitably throwing hands.Punch-A-Nazi!! comes courtesy of comedy video company Super Deluxe. Super Deluxe’s cathartic election coverage, a series of news clips re-edited into surreal nightmares by brilliant former Tim and Eric collaborator Vic Berger, is the best depiction of the Hell America now finds itself in. But instead of making me laugh and then weep, Punch-A-Nazi!! makes me and laugh and then stand up in cheer. It can do the same for you. Solid Gold ‘America’ Toilet Stolen From UK PalaceMarvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000 Stay on targetlast_img