How to make the Ponyo putt putt boat

first_imgUnless you’ve been living without a TV for the past several years it would be hard to miss watching a Studio Ghibli movie. One of the most recent anime releases from Hayao Miyazaki‘s studio is the unforgettable Ponyo. The movie follows the story of a goldfish that becomes friends with a little boy and attempts to become human. It is a typical Ghibli release that all the family, regardless of age, can walk away saying they enjoyed it.In Ponyo there are some very memorable scenes involving a boat the boy drives that is powered by a candle. It’s a very simple steam engine design otherwise known as a putt-putt boat, and John Graham-Cumming has recently highlighted just how easy it is to make a real-life version.AdChoices广告The putt-putt boat works by using a candle to heat water to turn it into steam. That steam then forces water out of pipes at the back of the boat pushing it fowards. To make it all you need is the following materials:An emtpy juice cartonAn emtpy drink canTwo strawsTea lightTapeEpoxy glueFollowing the simple instructions John suplements with images, you can very quickly end up with a working Ponyo boat as the video below demonstrates:The thing we like about this is it offers an opportunity for parents to do some craftwork with their kids after watching the movie. Which young child isn’t going to get excited about making such a boat? And all it takes is a few materials you’ve probably already got around the house.If John’s instructions aren’t enough you can always head on over to Science Toy Maker which has more examples and more detailed instructions to follow.via jgc.orglast_img