Infographic illustrates browser popularity year by year

first_imgIf you spend any significant amount of time online, then you have probably have given some thought to your browser. Given that it is the number one tool for anyone who works in the internet, the browser is a something is only getting more important, even as the prominence of the operating system wanes. The infographic above shows an excerpt of a history of browser popularity ranging from the present back to 1994, the year Netscape was launched.Moving down the chart from top to bottom we can see popularity (measured by width), launch dates, version releases, and notable improvements (did you know IE3 included support for CSS?). The big stories though resides in those colored bands: the growth of IE from 1996 to 2000, the growing popularity of Firefox at the expense of IE in 2007-2008, and the rapid growth of Chrome in 2009-2010 are some prominent examples.AdChoices广告Safari and Opera are present but they stay relatively constant and are the only small market share players included. Safari must have been included for its use on Macs while Opera has just been incredibly persistent–the alternative browser was launched in 1995.There is no mention of where the browser market share data came from so we’ll have to keep that in mind while looking at the infographic. Also note that some important browsers are missing, for example early but important ones like Mosaic and Lynx.See the full graphic here. Image via Testking, via dvicelast_img