Growth – A Key Measurement on and off the Field

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) as part of its Strategic Plan 2011-2015, has been reviewing requirements related to the registration of individual participants. TFA has particular strategic objectives to: 1. Substantially increase participation 2. Provide quality experiences 3. Substantially raise the profile of the game 4. Provide Best Practice administration at all levels As a result of new changes in technology and societal pressure, TFA has been in the process of transitioning to a national online registration system. 2014 has seen TFA continue its strategic partnership with FOX SPORTS PULSE, with continued development and the release of the Touch Football Online (TFO) system for Affiliated Associations (Competition), Clubs, Members and Participants. TFA CEO, Colm Maguire, said that TFA set a target in 2012 to have all affiliates transition from paper registration processes to the new online system (TFO), by Season 1 2015 (1st January, 2015) and is pleased with the results so far. “As mentioned at the recent AGM it is incredible what can be achieved when the organisation unifies behind collective goals. The improvement of our organisational data is one such example with incredible growth achieved over the 2014 year. To look at the statistical growth either as an individual, location or system utilisation it is clear we have had success on all fronts.” TFO helps affiliates maintain their organisation’s competitions and payment/financial details, but also capture and track member data. In 2012 the TFA Database was almost non-existent with individual associations capturing basic competition and participant data and limited use towards any clear strategic objectives and communication strategies. The continual hard work and efforts of affiliates and personnel to improve this and the strategies associated with the benefits of data has seen Touch Football Online grow from 56 databases to 260, with best practice data capture methods being utilised by 235 of those active online databases. An increase in data captured shows an increase from 82,360 in 2011-2012 to 118,000 participants reported in Season 2, 2014 alone thus far and the TFA Newsletter audience growing from 50,000 to 132,000 in the last year. “To have approximately 69 percent transition to our new TFO System is again a positive outcome but we must continue to work toward the magical 100 percent. When we have a clear view on the participants we have our ability to change the game in terms of fees or value is one step closer,” Maguire said. The above figures are just some of the key metrics that the sport has been able to achieve. These efforts have helped the sport achieve those key strategic objectives of recognising 500,000 registered and contactable participants, establishing a better value proposition and satisfaction level that has resulted in continued participation of the sport from the park to elite, as well as creating a Touch Football brand that is easily identifiable. However there is still room for improvement. “The collective work of the team at large will assist the organisation to act differently in the future including evidence based decision making around our participants, commercial decisions made by potential partners and indeed the opportunity to add value directly to the member. All sports are now focussed on the importance of data & it is something we clearly identified as a key metric of our Strategic Plan through to 2015.” The recent partnerships with the NRL and Harvey Norman is just one of the goals the organisation has achieved from the recognised efforts and increased data growth described above and will provide added reward and continued benefits to affiliates, their members and participants in the New Year. “In 2015 and as we look toward 2020 we will now be able to commence the implementation of initiatives that add value to our customers – the participants of this great sport.”  Stay tuned to for some exciting initiatives such as the; X-Blades Promotions, Harvey Norman Affiliate Packs, Sports Protect Risk Management App and SportsPass Touch Football Member Rewards Cards in 2015!Related Filesnews_story__growth_-_a_key_measurement_on_and_off_the_field-pdfaffiliate_benefits__members_and_participants-pdfRelated LinksGrowth a key measurementlast_img