Peaceful march

first_img– George Green Valley Village Blackwater tactics Re “Guards are offered limited immunity” (Oct. 31): The bottom line about Blackwater USA is their bottom line. Their reputation for never losing a U.S. diplomat has been acquired by Blackwater’s video-game-like blasting the path in front of them and not being responsible or concerned for the chaos of death and destruction in their wake. Imagine if our U.S. vice president was killed as was the Iraqi vice president by Blackwater security. What would our reaction be? – Jerold Drucker Tarzana SCHIP It is amazing to me that a president and Congress are having difficulty agreeing to a compromise that would at least cover our children who currently have no insurance. That seems simple enough. How much are we taxpayers paying our legislators to figure this out for our kids’ benefit and our country’s future? -Rev. Mark Jaufmann Woodland Hills Council, DWP Re “DWP fails city again after 2006 warnings” (Their Opinions, Oct. 29): The old saying about people in glass houses throwing stones has apparently been lost on City Council President Eric Garcetti and his City Council, which should be asked the questions he posed: How do they intend to eliminate the backlog of infrastructure improvements created by 30 years of neglect? And, if the DWP is to maintain and replace infrastructure and equipment, why divert hundreds of millions of dollars from the DWP to the city’s general fund, as they have been doing for years? – Glenn W. Hoiby North Hollywood Raising rates DWP has to raise rates to upgrade their system? Do we have to pay nearly $350,000 a year in salary to one person? Outrageous! I don’t believe anyone is worth that salary. No wonder the middle class is falling behind, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer and we lose our middle class altogether. – Harriet Jones Northridge Ron Deaton Re “Deaton resigns from top DWP job” (Oct. 27): The retirement of Ron Deaton, my friend and mentor, will leave a huge hole in the executive leadership among all the general managers. He was someone we could all go to for advice or encouragement while also taking his friendly barbs and helpful advice. I am going to miss him as I am sure the entire city of Los Angeles will feel the loss of one of the true icons in this city. – Jon Kirk Mukri General manager Department of Recreation and Parks Politicking war Re “Waterboarding question hurting Mukasey’s chances” (Nov. 11): First it’s the Democrats saying the administration should immediately pull out of a failed war in Iraq, which is improving. They have the power to defund the war. They won’t as they can’t take the heat on that one so they carp. Now it’s waterboarding as the issue du jour to roadblock an otherwise qualified attorney general candidate for their political gain. I don’t know if it is torture or coerced interrogation; do they? But if the leaders of Congress feel it’s the former, they should stand up and introduce a law outlawing it. I doubt they have the courage to have a floor debate and let the people weigh in as we did on the ill-fated, bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. – Patrick Henry Lake Balboa On the bus The immigration debate about brown-skinned Mexicans and Latinos is no different than the social unrest over blacks in the ’50s. Racism has just spiraled around again and taken on a new shape. An example of what most Americans are not seeing as they ride in the comfort of their SUV: I ride public transportation and many of the passengers are Mexican. They are hardworking and courteous fellow passengers. But, there are others who ride the same buses who have an agenda; white, rude, belligerent, and obnoxious anti-immigrationists who spew out obscenities on Mexican men, women and children. The police have had to be called on occasion. So, who would you rather sit next to, be with? A respectful immigrant or one of these white hatemongers? This is not an isolated case. – Ron Lowe Santa Monica Scofflaws Re “Fixing broken windows” (Our Opinions, Oct. 31): I take the Orange Line from Canoga to Valley College Station twice a week, around 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. Since the beginning of September, I have not seen a single deputy sheriff or Metro officer enter the bus and ask for tickets or passes. If the pursuit of scuffles is not being enforced, then some individuals will believe that getting a free ride is worth the risk of a $250 ticket. Spending money on turnstiles or gates won’t work on the Orange Line with its open-air stations. – Abraham Hoffman Canoga Park The new look Sometimes you just have to try some things out to see if they work and I believe so far the Daily News new look is a go. Of course us old folks who deplore change will have a time of it but I think it’s a start. Wish the “This Day in History” was in its old format, but what the heck. And thank you, Daily News, for publishing some of the many opinions on both sides of the issue. Common sense, I hope will prevail in our war with the terrorists, the city councilmen and -women, mayor, DWP, LAUSD, and anyone else who likes to reach into our pockets to help themselves. – Wynne Ritch Granada Hills 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “LAPD, panel clash over May Day” (Oct. 31): Quoting from your article: “… Los Angeles Police Department officers shot more than 100 rounds of rubber bullets into a crowd with women and children as they tried to disperse a peaceful immigration march.” Originally, it was reported the reason the LAPD was breaking up the May Day immigration march was because a small minority of protesters began throwing objects at police officers and overturning one officer’s motorcycle. While that does not excuse any physical actions any officer used on the remaining protesters, it should’ve been mentioned in your article and maybe calling it a mostly “peaceful immigration march.” Any reports on the May Day incident should mention this as well as any arrests or charges filed against any of the protesters. – Patrick Mattauch AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREStriving toward a more perfect me: Doug McIntyre Panorama City The right thing Re “Democratic rivals go after Clinton” (Oct. 31): In response to Sen. Edwards’ charge that Hillary Clinton believes that combat missions should be continued in Iraq without a timetable for withdrawal, Clinton replied forcefully, saying “I stand for ending the war in Iraq, bringing our troops home.” She added, however, that “it is going to take time,” and some troops must remain to fight al-Qaida in Iraq. “I don’t know how you pursue al-Qaida without engaging them in combat.” she said. Sounds to me like the policy of the current administration. Maybe we’re doing the right thing after all. Thanks, Hillary, for pointing that out. last_img