The ‘good life’ posse now in denial

first_imgDear Editor,It is quite ironic that over the past years, at least after the 2011 General and Regional Elections, a parliamentary majority has always been defined by a vote of 33:32 but not unexpectedly, but quite Quixotic, the recent support of the No-confidence Motion by a vote of 33:32 is not seen as a majority by the losers of the ‘good life’. The ‘good life’ posse are now in denial. According to lawyer cum mathematician, Nigel Hughes, a majority vote in Guyana’s Parliament of 65 members is now deemed to be 34 and not 33. The number of members as determined by the National Assembly is 65.This learned legal luminary should know that the reason why there are 65 members in the National Assembly rather than 66 is because of the need to avoid a tie and so frustrate the functions of this supreme law-making body of the land. This is no accident and certainly not coincidental and Hughes’ vast knowledge of constitutional laws and its interpretation should afford him an accurate analysis and interpretation of Article 106 (6) which unambiguously states that, ‘The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of ALL elected members of the National Assembly’. The ‘elected members’ totalled 65 and a majority is 33. When the Opposition, on August 15, 2014, tabled a ‘no-confidence’ brought about by Nagamootoo against the PPP/C Government the majority would have been deemed to be 33 if Parliament was not prorogued by then President Donald Ramotar. No one at the time had argued that if the ‘no-confidence’ was put to the vote that 34 votes would have been needed. Therefore, the pertinent question is: Has this ‘majority’ changed on December 21, 2018? It is quite asinine to now think that this is so since the law is not such a jackass although it may be an ass sometimes!Furthermore, all the Budget cuts after the 2011 General Elections should have to now be deemed illegal, the passing of the Budgets after 2015 should all be deemed illegal since all were voted with a majority of 33:32. The Constitution is not about rounding of figures since a member cannot be halved and subjected to the rounding off. The vote of 33:32 is a clear majority and many organisations recognises this fact, hence the reason for electing odd numbers so as not to stymie and obstruct the fulfilment of the functions of such organisations where voting on decisions are inevitable and vital.Some questions need to be answered: What would have been the case if the Government side obtained 33 votes? Would Nigel Hughes have said that they needed 34? Or would the ‘No-confidence’ Motion be struck down by the Speaker? Of course the ‘No-confidence’ Motion would have been defeated! All the members on the Government side knew this and commanded their members to the point of threatening them that they should vote ‘no’! The high drama, the liberal use of expletives by the Government MPs, their uncouth and unprofessional behaviour of some supported this. They knew that the 33:32 is all that is needed, but now is time to deny that the false confidence of ‘bring it on’ has now resulted in no confidence.It is heartening to see that the Guyana Bar Association has condemned and totally rejected the ‘unofficial calculation of the no-confidence’ and has called for elections by March. The Association ‘urged Guyanese to ignore Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes’ calculation that 34 of the 65 votes in the National Assembly are needed’ to pass that motion. I do believe that Hughes should have been more circumspect about his premature public utterance which may have resulted in possibly grave outcome. Ralph Ramkarran admitted making an error and withdrew similar statements made and I do feel that Hughes should do the same since the no-confidence vote is final!Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo has led his people out of People’s National Congress bondage in just three and a half years, the biblical Moses took 40 years to lead his people to the Promised Land. Guyanese are now in sight of the ‘good life’ in 2019 and should not allow traitors like those in the AFC to snatch this away from them!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor,Region Sixlast_img