Anfield, almost the only light in a year with many red-white shades

first_imgAtlético was sixth when the break came because of the COVID-19 or what is the same: outside the positions that give access to the next Champions for the first time since Simeone came to the Atletico bench with eleven days left in the league. In fact, the FEF proposal weeks ago, with the proposal to leave Atlético out of the Champions League, received a harsh reply from Gil Marín, the Rojiblanco CEO: “Decisions like this only serve to confront”. Failure to qualify for the Champions League as soon as the competition can resume could have immediate consequences: Atlético has those 77 million that the Champions League has reported so far this season so as not to lose their status and, to achieve them, could be forced to sell flagship players at the moment like Thomas himself or Saúl, both wanted by greats from Europe. Goal problemBefore last summer ended Simeone’s voice already repeated that phrase like a mantra. “I need a goal, I need a goal.” Morata and Costa were the only 9 cigars. The club tested the market but the operation that was sought, Rodrigo del Valencia, required the departure of Correa to Milan that did not occur (and thank goodness that many can think over the months; the Argentine is another of the few lights of Cholo this season). As soon as the season began, it was proven that Cholo was right. On the 16th day of the League his loss of aim was already a fact: 16 goals, the worst scoring record in his history. InjuriesAlthough the team has not suffered the plague of muscle injuries from the previous season, almost 50, during the months of December and January Simeone looked behind him at games and his bench was Adam and kidsThe injuries were tightening the knot on his tie again. Costa operated on for a cervical disc herniation, João Félix a month out, Cholo without strikers. Curiously, when the Argentine coach had recovered all his players, the break came in competitions due to the coronavirus crisis. Only Morata, injured at Anfield, needed these days to recover from his injury. The rest no longer. They already were. The signingsWhile for months the most regularity of João Felix was in the preseason, his performance more sparks than something continuous, Lemar kept writing his obituary in Atlético match by match. Of undeniable class, the shirt weighs, nothing comes out and, for the fans, the second most expensive signing in Atlético’s history (70 million) was an absolute disaster. Before the summer diaspora, Atlético practically replaced player by player, betting on youth. At the moment between the signings, a great light: Felipe’s … Until Marcos Llorente lit his. The Anfield LightAnd so Anfield came to scare away any doubt, any shadow. Atlético honored their anthem and intimidated Liverpool in the first leg of the Wanda Metropolitano. That Liverpool who traveled to Madrid having lost only two games in the entire season. Beaten and beaten, there was still the second part of this tie: Anfield. Klopp’s team managed to turn the tie around while Oblak resisted under the bombardment until the appearance of Marcos Llorente. Two goals in overtime put Atlético back on track. In rooms. Now it remains to be seen whether the Champions League will finally resume in the crisis due to the coronavirus. Anfield, that light to hold on to under that motto: “Never stop believing.” While Thomas continues to defoliate the daisy, now I am going – now I am staying, the FA accuses Trippier of having violated the betting rule requesting a sanction and the disqualification of the rojiblanco right side. Last notch of a season that is being complicated for the rojiblancos in many aspects, being the victory at Anfield against Liverpool, until now the European champion, in the knockout stages of the Champions League, the light that illuminates this season, these difficult days in which the Atletico club has had to face several hard losses, those of Peiró Capón and Jones due to coronavirus, the boy Christian Minchola and an icon like Radomir Antic due to pancreatitis. The fight for the Championslast_img