Gimbert: “There is expectation for the arrival of Real Madrid”

first_imgWhat I try is to take good care of myself in food and rest. I take it to heart. I never imagined having such a long career at the highest level. I have been saying that I have been retiring for the last seven or eight years and then I never do. Still haven’t renewed for next season?No. I have time to think about it during quarantine now.What does it mean to be bicentennial with the Athletic shirt?It is a pride to have reached this figure with the Athletic shirt. It took me a long time to reach it and I finally did it. I am very happy because above match 200 came with victory.Have you noticed much change in physical level in recent years in the League?Yes. It has been noticed a lot in recent years and this year much more. The teams are increasingly reinforcing and preparing much more. The change it has made is impressive.How do you see your future?I would like to remain linked to soccer. I have a coaching card and I would like to start training lower class teams when I retire.Did you imagine in your beginnings being able to live one day in football?In our beginnings we would never have thought that this could happen. The fact of having breakfast in the facilities and living on this is milk.Were the beginnings complicated?I’ve been through it all. When I started playing in Córdoba, my father had to take me to train and it was 60 kilometers. So they didn’t pay you for gasoline. Then it was slowly advancing. When I signed for Levante, I already began to receive financial aid to give me survival.Women’s football is booming and is expected to grow more with the arrival of Real Madrid …There is expectation for the arrival of Real Madrid because there never has been. It looks like it will sound bad, but women’s football has existed before Real Madrid and it will continue to exist. Just a few days before I turned 40, Vanesa Gimbert attends to AS in the midst of the quarantine decreed in the coronavirus health crisis. The veteran player of the First Iberdrola analyzes the team’s season from home, in her opinion, it has gone “from less to more”. Starting this season in fourteen games, playing a total of 1,245 minutes, is one of the pillars of the Villacampa team. In this interview he also tells us what his ‘secret’ has been to be in such good physical shape after a life competing at the highest level.How is living this situation?He didn’t take it too badly. I am rather homemade, although when something is forbidden you want to do it. We do the team training by video call. That is why my day is less and less. The morning passes quickly between training and others and in the afternoon I amuse myself with series or books.What do you miss the most?Not being able to see the family and the day to day of training with the companions.Has the suspension of the semi-final been hard a few days after your dispute?Yes. It was hard. We really wanted to play that game. We had been preparing that game very well and we got very well physically.How do you assess the level of the team during this season?I think we started out irregular. There were many changes, with a new coach. We had a hard time adapting to what the new coach asked for, but hey, we’ve gone from less to more and it already seemed that we were at a good level. The break has come at the best moment of the team.How are you doing on a personal level?Well, a bit in the team line. At first it was not that it cost me, but I started playing little and then I have gradually entered the coach’s plans.What is the secret of reaching this level with 40 years?last_img