The domain name industry at home and abroad quest trading under the flash case

recently, I found that the recent overseas domain market sectors have appeared in the public eye in the domain name, the domain name industry highballing many cases, coupled with the large art auction industry domain, which makes the author once again turn attention to Yu Hai and social insurance, etc., the game industry domain.

SNS industry concerns about lifting social domain name hot

foreign social networking sites of the most successful operations is Facebook, its social networking site success once set off a registered social domain boom, now social class domain name market is still optimistic about the industry, before the social domain name for $100000 lover of successful trading, about RMB 680 thousand, more large special social domain name auction will be held held recently, the social class of domain name to participate in the auction reserve price in 5 thousand dollars to 25 thousand dollars, you can see that the foreign social domain is still dominated by words and phrases domain name, the domain name is more inclined to take the word intuitive social class words. read more

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Mou Changqing independent blogger original Alliance for product vision


independent blog, as its name suggests, is a blog site built with an independent domain name. Most independent blogs on the Internet are using third party free open-source programs, such as the current mainstream ASP blog program zblog and PHP blog program WordPress. My own independent blog is the use of zbolg procedures, because of their technical comparison dishes, I think ASP program blog installation is convenient, so I chose the zblog, and Zblog search engine is also very friendly. Many well-known blogs in the industry are also using zblog programs, such as Moonlight blog, Lu Songsong blog and so on. read more

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Talk about the new station to promote by famous website

who don’t want to stand with the relationship, whether it is good or bad, there are more or less good for our station, but we as a small webmaster’s ideal was to engage in long-term station, there may be few webmaster in site design is in a few days. A point of view I will talk about the pretext of standing today light.

. Similar domain name, site advertising

of course, the more similar meters, built into a station, the greater the flow, flow, and you put on advertising, of course, the effect is even better. Today, I read an article saying that "Google has spelt 500 million US dollars in 1 years on the wrong domain name," which means that there are too many people using similar meters to build a station and earn too many advertisements. These similar meters, the cost is poor, that is, a meter of money, a single page every day can bring hundreds of knife income. Of course, now standing similar meters basically all people to register, if you want to go in and registered to the similar basically impossible. The station is not good, why don’t we go to the second station line, went ahead and registered, then maybe will give you a not a small harvest. You see what that go*go just come out a few days, there are hundreds of similar meters in the station. This is not a part of the people saw business opportunities, submitted to the Bureau of cloth. read more

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Thinking and practice are important weights for grassroots webmaster to succeed

the Internet is the stage for young people, where they can create their own wonders. Look at your peers’ Internet stories and maybe inspire yourself. Let’s find our way along his tracks.

June 16th A5 version of the chat activity, invite super station founder Dai Renguang shared his more than 5 years of Internet experience and stories, this paper exceeded some questions and answers, welcome to discuss.


Dai Renguang, the University began to do stand out and out, the grassroots webmaster, after graduation, worked in the Ali Mama, Hangzhou Cai Tuo, Hangzhou Department of agriculture and other Internet companies, Ali mother the first moderator, still in the community as a union university forum moderator, Ali mother first Taobao guest. Because Taobao customer really began full-time webmaster of the road, as the entrance to Taobao customers and established the "super station network (referred to as" super station), super station forum after nearly 2 years of development, has accumulated 45 thousand of Taobao passenger type webmaster, relying on the development of the Super League (Amoy Forum a docking business and Taobao customer alliance). read more

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My soccer score website experience

due to contact friends are football, often heard what the net score a month income of several million yuan, a few million to me this one before do picture stand to put pop to get 100 pieces of monthly say much temptation, so a few days before the 2008 Olympic Games. Hold on the football scores can bring huge profit impulse, his thoughts and some friends say, finally everyone out of ten thousand yuan to purchase program, server and advertising.


after the discussion, decided the short domain name, and registered in, a domain name, but also to the server, the server is a difficult problem, select several servers are not suitable, successively in Shantou, Maoming and other places of the room rented server, but because the stability or attack effect change, finally find a stable server. Web site program, we find the technology to do a set of live voice score procedures, because of its good function, attractive features, this score process spent $10000. In this way, the tp90 football score was born. read more

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Read talk about webmaster exchange links of the highest technology sense

              just read this article, talk about the highest technology for webmaster exchange links. I admit that this friend speaks well. But when it comes to the relevance of links, I don’t know. My station is only two months, and now with a few big sites exchange links, of which PR4 5, PR5 1, PR3 1, and other links do not say. To tell you the truth, I still have a lot of food to do. I don’t even have a group of webmaster. I don’t know if my link will come out or be laughed at. Laugh, laugh, see the older people say, do a website, such as a man, now I share my friendship link. read more

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And new Adsense discussion website promotion of three problems

many new owners for their website promotion and headache, seek Links, submit sites directory, search engine, busy for a long time not to see what effect.

, let me talk to you about my website promotion and company website promotion.

one, looking for links to

When the new owners started

each have to find a high PR site links, East West for grandpa grandma, but still few owners are willing to exchange links with you, willing to exchange links are the same as you are the new PR is very low and even your station is 0 sometimes, not easy to find a link, others put your link on the inside pages, put the page links in what is the use effect, opportunities for 0, unless his station links page PR is also very high, otherwise meaningless. What exactly is the cause of these conditions, read more

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Localization of mother and child sites how to do a good combination of online and offline promotion

simple search engine optimization promotion has not been able to meet the needs of users, especially users now aversion to network, too much Internet fraud in this part of the user; and for some webmaster search engine traffic is not so easy to get, which tell us the website not only need online promotion, we also need to combine the line of promotion, through online and offline promotion to drive the whole progress of the website, I do a mother like the site, below I talk about my mother do website promotion tips. Localization. read more

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Adaptive web design provides different web pages for different devices

with the popularity of 3G, more and more people use their mobile phones to surf the internet.

mobile devices are becoming more common than desktop devices, becoming the most common terminal for accessing the internet. Thus, web designers have to face a difficult question: how can they render the same page on different sizes of devices?

phones have relatively small screens, usually below 600 pixels wide; the screen width of PC is typically above 1000 pixels (the current mainstream is 1366× 768); some also reach 2000 pixels. The same content, to be on a very different screen, showing satisfactory results, is not an easy task. read more

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Baidu promotion links fraudulent use of trademarks you can complain to Baidu success

Baidu promotion link infringement of trademark in the current Internet industry because of many businesses It is often seen., but Baidu complaints process is not clear, some do not even know the complaints to Baidu to safeguard their rights, once a lawsuit is "ghost Li case", is that Baidu infringement issues, but this is according to the well-known company, as our small company, if you are so generous, first from the economic aspect is a disadvantage, can win the money there is in addition to fight protracted time and energy, you may feel it, others will be cancelled today may be too. read more

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