Google added 19 languages to push 1 search into the social development trend

Google search engine is the most popular in the world, but in the face of the powerful combination of social network and Microsoft’s Facebook, Google found its social search at a considerable disadvantage. This is because Microsoft and Facebook cooperation, according to reports, Microsoft owns part of Facebook and >

Google and Social before Search is very similar, noble baby will be through your friends so many noble baby account signal to identify the most useful recommendation, the future they will also consider the chain relationship similar to other social networks. If you don’t know what you have and who established the link, you can enter the Dashboard view Social Circle and noble baby Content part. read more

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t is 0 weight of 4 of the sites you have seen it

above we can see that the two websites with WWW there are "temporary mobile 302 requests to the new location of the request, the domain name to jump.

look at the ratio above two website three labels, it is not difficult to find that between these two sites is not a little correlation. So we but imagine bold, this is a function of the drainage, or break the website backstage by others, joined the jump code for drainage.

In summary

but there is a doubt, that is why has such a high weight, is still a mystery. Then take a look at all of their keyword analysis, I use the Jinhua software to get these keywords for the degree of competition is still relatively small, can be said that these words are easier to do, have to say is how they select keywords precise. This model we can learn, but can not think of plagiarism, not always fall into. read more

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