How to be a successful and happy webmaster

night has been deep, the outside was still very quiet, occasionally heard several loud barking dogs, in this city is extremely uncoordinated


candle Taiwan, thin slanted single, sound from the youth note, this is my life melody

love to drink bitter coffee in the night, as I love, go blind road in the evening these years, never change, never want to change, even if I love the family repeatedly stressed often drink coffee is not good for the body, even intimate friends often say that the blind rough very easy to twist the foot, but I am stubborn, I still do, like on the network as obsessed, decided, will no longer go to action, trials and hardships. read more

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Fool type station so that more time to the webmaster himself

is now the construction site of the threshold is very low, so a registered domain name, select the suitable site space, then choose a suitable site program, even for HTML, CSS and other professional technology is not very good people can in a very short time to build a network station. Lower the threshold, so that more people want to build a web site through the network business, and fear that they do not understand programming language and web design can not be involved in the people, with the opportunity to build the site. The emergence of a variety of site building procedures, it really gives the webmaster a lot of excellent experience and management, construction site convenience. As a webmaster, the most concern is one of the development of the website construction system, CMS is undoubtedly the most popular website system concerned circles, all kinds of outstanding CMS system emerge in an endless stream, dedecms and Empire CMS long ago have launched a new version of phpcms, PHP168, CMS etc. PowerEasy, foosun well-known brand is not far behind the competition, constantly updated their program. CMS station system continues to develop, for the webmaster, no doubt to the webmaster brought more choice, choose a CMS system, for the webmaster and small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations to build beautiful and practical web site is very important. read more

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2009 a personal webmaster’s confusion

spent three or four years in the end in this website, the number of harvest I don’t know, now about to graduate employment but do not want the individual owners to continue, may go to have nothing to do with the internet post, may also go to a professional network company, of course, is my personal website hobbies, even if the future really has nothing to do with the word individual stationmaster I will always pay attention to the number of the large groups.

website has been an important force in the diversification of the Internet world, many large web sites are beginning to rely on personal webmaster can grow up, such as the recent Ali mother, as well as earlier Google Adsense in Chinese promotion, can be said that the individual stationmaster contributed a large part of the Internet, China rely on these personal webmaster gradually to every corner of the information network. read more

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How to solve the problem of user independent communication and sharing in APP operation

today, master Yang cicada always ask me, you are a good APP operation? How many users of your products? What is the total cost of acquiring the user stickiness??…… haven’t come first, some problems have emerged appear, so I am a good APP operation? Let me not think about this problem, whether it is a good operation he said not, even colleagues say not, the boss said is not


I’m thinking about some of the four issues:

1, how to get more users

2, how to reduce access to user costs read more

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Big data era three kinds of data into furnishings

, as everyone shouted "big data age" today, the data seems to be mentioned at an unprecedented height. Whether individual owners or large and medium-sized companies, or large transnational groups, whether it is network marketing or offline marketing, are aware of the importance of data, all data to speak. However, according to niche, in many small and medium-sized companies and individual webmaster, more attention to the data, but the use of inadequate. The first statement, the data in front of the master, are a bit redundant, is a pediatrician so please do not master the display slight skill before an expert, thanks for your time. read more

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During the hard hitting period webmaster friends should learn to seize the opportunity

I often see a lot of negative news on the A5 forums. (my website was blocked today and my domain name was cancelled. The record can not pass, the domestic space too many restrictions, dating sites, forums are not out of the way! Some of the SF, about the key to shield off. No way, after moving to foreign space, too unstable, and even some owners also hope someone will take out to save the situation about the Internet!) is now the main group of Internet damage: (this is the results of a survey I worked in the A5 Forum), a total of 41 people. Participate in the vote, the result is: read more

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19 year old girl starts her own station because she is infatuated with the nternet

a lot of people see a question, must be 19 years old, how do not read ah,


of course it was because the home be not at all surprising, defects, leads to no way to school, so she chose out of school, society, and love on the net, the net is to put her in a net, think about why you do not net revenue?, go to work every day after work


began with the establishment of the idea, just start looking for what the net good! At last in the confusion has chosen to be a laughing figure! So the net Wangzhuan the first step, hard work for a period of time the theory class to play, then put a small amount of money the real war began (station). This should have some weekends also used in the station, so that more than 20 days later, the station has finally become less blank by the blank. read more

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Liu Xingliang several aspects of happy net case

1, it seems happy 001 ( investment in place, because the lawsuit also requires a lot of fees, especially in China lawsuit. Plus a dozen days ago, happy 001 in Baidu bought advertising bits and brand zone, it seems to be really rich.

2, has been low-key Cheng Binghao finally pulled up the propaganda and promotion of the big screen. Cheng Binghao may also want to continue low-key down, but investors do not let ah, investors don’t want to wait for natural fruits fall off when ripe. Take a look at Sina’s headline, "exclusive: Kaixin, breaking the silence, formally suing thousands of oaks for unfair competition", yeah, and finally breaking the ice. That’s one of the reasons for the delay in suing thousands of oaks. read more

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Domestic nternet navigation website discussion

about this problem. Also a friend, to do a navigation site for discussion.

, in fact, many users do not have a home page, some do not know what the Internet navigation or what is the computer home page. Because these users are commonly used in the Internet address in the mobile phone, QQ detailed information and some places, and did not care about or use the site navigation of such sites, so they do not know the Internet navigation such sites. Now the domestic Internet navigation site a lot (some write web site navigation, web site home, web site Daquan, etc., in fact, all the same), but there have always been new sites out. But most of them are reproductions. What are the actual designs for independent Internet navigation in China? read more

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Adsense promotion class soft Wen misleading ideas let webmaster lost direction

soft text in the webmaster circles do not know when to begin popular, these soft text is usually empty, no content, the theme is messy, writing method is basically very rotten. These soft Wen, mostly in order to promote the website and write. These webmaster writers actually do not understand, soft Wen to write the real content, write valuable things, to bring their own effects will be better.

I am not against the webmaster write soft Wen to promote their website, but I am opposed to write soft webmaster. Think, speak, see online friends all can become a part of the soft, and boasted how feasible, its own website (here to leave your site address) is how in some way to do rankings, flow, how to use some methods to make money, in fact, the heart of the obvious all known. read more

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