Fast code nets Guo Jijun personal webmaster will have to like spring pressure can not collapse

time: March 9th at 3 p.m. guests: fast code site long Guo Jijun theme: do life in the "spring"

web site profile:

fast allusion net is one of the most comprehensive text tools provide multi language website, as well as between the Chinese and minority language translation work, and possession of the first poem, idiom and other features, created by well-known grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun.

guest profile:

he used to work as a locksmith, a booth, a net policeman for his website, and two coffees…… He had many stories in the webmaster; he has not received higher education, is out and out "grassroots", his personal website, success among the national traffic 500 in just three years time will be able to! Now, but he is willing to give up this once brought him out of the big profit site, buried in his fast allusion net for more than a year — a retreat by most of the people think there is no profit pattern language tool website. read more

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Analysis of Taobao store small reason

many novice sellers are always complaining about their bad business and low store flow. Then we will analyze and analyze your reasons in the end.

1., did you have your shop decorated? Did you use the shop?

, of course, a lot of friends in the shop after all in want to, anyway, is free shop, why do I have to spend 50 dollars this month Taobao Wang Pu, but here I want to tell you, although just shop not earn money is very normal, but if you open the store would have to decorate ah also want to own a shop decoration is very beautiful, there are buyers to see the urge to buy, so don’t worry about this 50 yuan to Wang Pu, only the investment, there is definitely a return. read more

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